About Us

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​​​​​​​Audiovendor are an electro-pop studio collective based in London, England.

We write original songs with a retro feel, all produced with modern contemporary sounds and beats using synthesizers.
The driving force behind the band is it’s main songwriter/vocalist Norman Yourell, who originally hails from Dublin, Ireland and who also goes under this registered alias.

The first track “Superhuman” is from the first album entitled Retro Radio which was recorded, mixed and produced in both Fluke Productions Studios (Luke Henderson) and Abbey Road Studios London (Alex Wharton).

This first single also features a video of the same name which can be found on YouTube.

After the first anticipated up and coming album release, future releases will be alternative-pop, with a ‘Nu-disco’ influence using raw synth sounds, whilst still keeping its contemporary feel.
The first track release Superhuman has all the backbone of what to expect with it’s Giorgio Moroder-esque sequences and baselines.

The vocals provided by Norman Yourell help to capture the essence of synth-pop’s glory days of torch song angst.

Accompanying the main vocal is a sudden departure from expected form with the rap section suitably performed by the artist Lemoy The Siamese Empress.
The lyrics throughout generally denote a sense of longing in reaching the seemingly unreachable, what with the object of desire being a somewhat “superhuman” being, or “supernatural lover” as the song goes.

This in turn is answered by the rapped lyrics conceding the point of acceptance to the main vocal.
These lyrics are intended to be sung by anyone, giving credence to the asexual undertones of relatable pop-music for the interested masses.
The direct influence here is the pop anthems of yesteryear, albeit with an obvious modern twist using the choice of production, sounds and computer-fed instruments.

The comparison to synth-pop based bands like the Human League or Erasure may be obvious to some but although this may be commercially written music it’s not necessarily intended for the masses, regardless of its modern-sounding choices.

Our music is Independently distributed by CD Baby, and out now on iTunes and all other platforms.